I was born in Manhattan of (NYC) and raised in the Mecca Borough of the Bronx; where real Hip Hop continues to live. Grown up at an early age, I had the ability to understand that music was my life. As an individual, my opinion on music was that it was not just about the art of arranged sounds to produce a continuously unified and evocative composition; it was also about the harmony, rhythm, and timbre of sound that created the high pitch beat to my heart. Those elements encompassed a melody that I could only understand to have brought forth great music to have shared with all. Music has the ability to take sad moments and transform them into moments of content filled with passion. Around the age of thirteen, I received my first boom box; the first Hip Hop classic tape I played was Slick Rick. To name a few, the first Vinyl records I can think of are; New Edition, Michal Jackson “Thriller” Album, and Bobby Brown. The first time I grabbed for an album, my hand extended down to grasp not just any album, but the album of Big Daddy Kane “Long Live The Kane”. Around fifteen I worked, saved, and acquired speakers; two Technics 1200s' turntables and a mixer. In 1992, the name SWURV was born. I got the idea by listening to the DJ's on NYC's hottest radio stations; & In the way they doing the records. By 1994, I made my first mix tape called Showtime; the perfect name to fully initiate myself into the Music Business. In 1995, I began to create a company called CRAZY MOB SQUAD ENT; a crew of DJ's that come together to express their own different qualities in mixing and music in general. When CRAZY MOB SQUAD DJ's come together, we create music that forms like a powerful Voltron. Undisputed Management was formed in 2003 to take our destiny to a whole new level. Hip Hop is not the only area of expertise I possess, (Engineering & Production are other skills sets which I behold.) But I have also broadened my horizons into all genres of music. (FLEETNATION)DJ SWURV A.K.A. SWURVHITTZ

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